Nikki Willis - Bastards

The gang befriended Nikki Willis (known to the Cats as Wikki Nillis) after she agreed to help drive a van full of instruments across the continent over to Italy in Summer '16.

To us, Nikki is both an embracer and an observer of life, which is just as enchanting in her artwork as it is in the Italian mountains.

A beautiful friend with beautiful talent.


Thank you Nikki.


See more of Nikki’s art at



Small Heading

Climbing Trees


Nicky Drake - Climbing Trees & Time


If you ever had the chance to catch a gig at ‘The Lamb’ in Lewes you might have noticed two of the most beautifully painted pianos ever. A mélange of sea creatures, underwater lambs, magical eyes and more all wrapped up in vivid Technicolor.


From the moment the idea for this project was born we had our eyes on Nicky’s artwork and what a blessing it was that she agreed to get involved!

Nicky is the bright blue explosion we know we’ll find in the crowd whenever we play in Lewes and having her magical presence transferred into colours, lines and brush strokes is an utter privilege.


King of the Jungle

Emily Parkes - King Of The Jungle


“Inspired by the instrumental vibrancy and infectious bounce that is Town of Cats. Escape that grey town and
spot that kitty tail”


Emily’s art was something I (Joe) was unfamiliar with for a long time after first knowing her. What I did know was this; Emily has fine taste and a thirst for fun that resonates through the belly of Town Of Cats.


I’d asked Emily if she would be up for the project before having a good impression of what she did artistically and she happily agreed.  (As is goes, Emily’s talents stretch from digital drawing right through to photography and filmmaking).

However, as soon as I had a good browse I couldn’t wait to see how she interpreted one of our songs!

Emily’s King Of The Jungle does not disappoint. The beautiful shapes and colours do well to replicate the metaphor of getting out of the bleak town and into the wild!

See more at www.emilyparkes.co.uk.

The Demon

Stu Freeland - The Demon

“Everybody has their demon. Like the joker in the pack it’s always there. The idea was to create a playing card relevant to the title. Each corner symbol is of a demon and their sigil. From top left they are; Abyss - Lord of Chaos, Ambriel - the changer, Digdin - the disordered and Adnachiel - the hunter”

Stu worked together with Joe (Town of Cats) and Jonezy (King Porter Stomp) on putting together some events in Brighton that brought art and music together. It was through this that the idea for the project first manifested. Stu is a big lover of music and shares our passion to connect the music and art world in as many ways as possible.

We connected with Stu’s style almost instantly, and his expressive lino work both curvy and jagged, is a great match with our music. Long live Stu.

Stu is a practicing artist and illustrator, living in Brighton. Producing a range of work consisting of illustration, printmaking and collage. From the sublime to the surreal all in black and white.

Get more of Stu’s work here!




@iamfreeland (twit&insta)



Dance Off The Deadbeat

Jo Dressler - Dance Off The Dead Beat and album cover

“To accompany the lyrics of Dance off the deadbeat, I decided to paint six different masks in the style of theatrical Vietnamese folk masks. The idea is that each mask expresses a different emotion, they are worn during Tết (Vietnamese New Year) to dance in and ward off evil spirits, which is essentially what the song is about, expelling negativity through dance!”

Jo Dressler, to put it simply, is our sister from another mister. As children, it crosses most of our minds at some point or another what it might be like to have a ‘Tinkerbell’ in our lives. Well, we got one.


Jo’s artwork was on sale in a Brighton Café ‘Redwood’, some point back in late 2015. Black and white portraits of people made entirely from south American ‘Candy Skull’ pattern. We saw it, we liked it, we wanted it.
Joe met up with Jo (Jo times two mega lol) to discuss Jo doing what all of us know now as the ‘Dance Off The Dead Beat’ album cover. A friendship began, and when the time came round for the project it was only right for Jo to take the title track.
Jo’s artwork, in whichever medium it comes, is every bit as rich and vibrant as

the musical spells and edible potions that make her tick. May we forever be blessed with Dressler.

Jo’s Bio

My work explores ideas about identity, cultural identity, femininity and traditional crafts such as embroidery. My main visual interests are portraiture and pattern. The work is rooted in a curiosity of people and cultures and the anthropological nature of photography. The work I create has a strong Eastern influence as I am most fascinated by this side of the world having had a childhood full of spiritual icons and stories from India and the Middle East. I often combine techniques such as illustration, photography, painting, embroidery and image transfer, concentrating on textural quality and colour.

Catch more of Jo’s work here…





Don't Listen

Lily Wolter - Don’t Listen


Lily is a doodler. She doodles all sorts. Lily doodles her own band posters and artwork, she doodles in notebooks, bits of scrap and most recently skin.

Her doodles are fascinating and imaginative, and that’s exactly why we wanted her to be a part of this project. Wonderful Lily’s wonderful mind has now created an ace picture to go with one of our songs (we love the reversible crisps!) and we couldn’t’t be happier.

If any of you are looking for some ace and original Stick and Poke tattooing look no further!
Whilst you’re at it check out Penelope Isles, for another of Lily’s beautiful creative exports.



Mr 100

Tom Delves - MR 100


Tom is a friend of mine from ‘Back In Day’. I used to skateboard terribly in similar destinations, skate parks, car parks, staircases (more or less just stand about with a board) whilst Tom would do actual skating. I knew he was into his graffiti back then but it wasn’t until a little while ago that I saw some of the illustration work he was doing. A wicked cartoonist, I loved how Tom used his artwork for social commentary, politics, or just plain ridiculousness.

We asked Tom to do a little tour poster a while back and couldn’t wait to get him involved with this project. It made total sense for him to do MR 100, a character driven song.

Let’s hope we get to do it all again sometime!

“I am an East-London based skateboarder and illustrator, whose work is inspired by skating, music, typography, and architecture. I like to illustrate funny ideas, which usually start out as some obscure reference in my head, or are just nicked from a conversation with friends.


Creating artwork to accompany music is something I really enjoy, as I think both mediums can compliment each other perfectly if done right. I listen to music when I'm working, and this always helps me with ideas if I'm ever suffering from writer's block, plus it can affect the mood I'm in and therefore the image itself. 


The Town of Cats idea of having separate illustrations for each song is really cool and I can't wait to see how other people have interpreted both the lyrics and the sound for these. My idea was pretty straight forward, to include Mr. 100 himself causing a nuisance at a house party. I wanted to show that all the mess has been made by just one person, and to capture the idea that he's probably only fun in very short doses!”

Catch more of Tom’s work here